MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A dad who police said he’d rather give his baby weed than Tylenol is in jail.

Ramsey County charged Richard Martin and his wife, Molly, with child endangerment. Richard Martin also faces a charge of selling marijuana. Police found several marijuana plants in his mom’s St. Paul basement, where they were living.

Neighbors took pictures as law enforcement surrounded the St. Paul home in late February. The criminal complaint said police found seven growing marijuana plants, smoking devices and dried marijuana.

Near the equipment was an infant play system.

Martin admitted to police he “smoked a lot of marijuana” and that “his baby smokes it and asks him to smoke weed.” That baby is 14 months old.

Police found pictures on Molly Martin’s Facebook account of “what appears to be a female hand holding a filled marijuana pipe to the infant’s mouth” and a “hash oil vaporizer to the infant’s mouth.”

“That makes me really angry,” neighbor Cyndi Veverka said.

Veverka suspected something was going on inside the home.

“There would be noisy cars and ‘boom, boom’ late at night,” Veverka said. “It would wake you up.”

A 10-year-old also lived in the home. Veverka said she used to come to her house to escape.

“She didn’t get into exactly what was going on, but just said her home life was not good,” Veverka said.

Now, she wishes she had done more to help.

“I feel so bad for her,” Veverka said. “I can’t even imagine.”

Martin’s mother said she didn’t know what was going on downstairs.

His wife, Molly, told police the same thing, but she did admit she recognized the smell of marijuana every day.

Martin told police they sold or gave marijuana to friends and that he extracts the THC from it to make butter.

Jennifer Mayerle