MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Alex Kreidler, the ace of the Osseo High School’s adaptive softball team, is a pitcher with quite a record — and he’s finishing his senior season with a flurry.

Kreidler is at home on the pitching mound.

“I would say it’s so much fun … trying to strike people out,” Kreidler said.

He’s been pretty good at his craft, and he has been doing it for a long time.

“We kind of call him ‘Mr. Automatic’ because he pitches nothing but strikes,” Coach Kelli Waath-Gilbertson said. “He started for us in seventh grade at third base, and the next year we moved him to pitcher, and he’s been there ever since.”

What he’s done is win better than fifty games, and that’s rare air.

“We looked back at our records and the most any one of our pitchers has had before this year is 23 wins,” she said. “Even though the Adaptive Athletic Association doesn’t keep records, I’m sure this is a state record.”

He just loves being a part of it all, and success has come with it. He’s more than a teammate — he’s a leader.

“He’s a hard worker but he’s a good leader on the team, he does whatever the team needs him to do,” Waath-Gilbertson said. “He comes in here and sets up practice every day.”

And he knows that if he’s pitching, he has a big chance at the championship he has always wanted.


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