MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Five young terror suspects accused of trying to join ISIS all entered not guilty pleas Wednesday at a hearing in federal court in Minneapolis.

Two other suspects who are from Minnesota but were arrested in California did not appear in court and have not yet entered pleas.

Ayan Farah, the mother of two of the suspects — Anad Farah and Mohamed Farah — said one of her sons is being treated more harshly than the other.

Anad Farah entered a not guilty plea in court Wednesday. Meanwhile, Mohamed Farah was still in California.

Through a translating imam, Imam Hassan Mohamud of Da’wah Mosque, the mother said the terror suspects held in Minnesota can have visitors and make phone calls while those still in California cannot.

Ayan Farah said that when she traveled to California, she was not allowed to visit her son. She added that Mohamed has not made phone calls to any family members since his April 19 arrest.

A spokesperson for the U.S Marshall’s Office said Mohamed Farah is currently being held in a federal facility in San Diego and will soon be transported back to Minnesota.

“I would not imagine any reason why he would not be able to make phone calls,” the spokesperson said.

According to the imam, Anad Farah’s arrest in Minnesota was shocking, as he was taken into custody shortly after making plans to be married and play in soccer leagues.

Many supporters believe the suspects were entrapped by a government informant who has been paid $12,000. Younger supporters are especially shocked that the informant was once a close friend of the suspects.

This friend-turned-informant began secretly recording the suspects in January.

The secret recordings are at the heart of the case against the seven terror suspects. Eventually, the informant will almost certainly testify and those secret tapes will be played in court.

Esme Murphy