MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Government prosecutors say a Minnesota terror suspect threatened to kill Minnesota-based FBI agents.

Investigators say a conversation recorded by an informant includes Mohamed Farah saying, “If our backs are against the wall, I’m gonna go kill the one who punks me. You know the one.”

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He then allegedly named three Minnesota-based agents.

Farah and six other men are accused of trying to fly to Syria to fight with ISIS.

Supporters say the men were set up by the government.

But in documents filed Thursday, prosecutors say the men had very detailed plans.

They say one man, Abdirahman Daud, had text conversations with a terrorist in Syria.

Investigators say screen grabs show the terrorist telling Daud his alibi should be that he was attending a party in Turkey.

He went on to describe how to get from Turkey to Syria and what type of SIM card to use overseas.

The FBI also says Daud told an informant his family knows he’s going to Syria, but won’t say a word.

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At a meeting Thursday night in St. Paul, moms for both men denied knowing about any alleged threats their sons made to FBI agents, or about any contact they may have had with ISIS.

“She said ‘That’s not true,'” said Daud’s mother, Farhiyo Mohamed, through an interpreter.

Farah’s mother also said she didn’t know about her son’s conversation about threatening to kill FBI agents.

“I don’t know about this and I don’t see him. How can I answer this? I don’t know about it,” said Farah’s mother, Ayan Mohamed Farah, through an interpreter.

Farah’s mother said she hasn’t seen or talked to her son since he was arrested more than a month ago.

He is currently in custody in California.

Abdirahman Daud will appear in Federal Court Friday afternoon.


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John Lauritsen