MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Construction of the new Vikings stadium hit several key milestones this week.

With just over a year to go before construction is completed, several new features are starting to take shape.

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The roof truss that will support the entire roof of the stadium has been connected and will be fully completed in the next few weeks.

And that’s just one highlight. Officials with the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority say construction is right on schedule, and it will ramp up this summer.

As many as 1,200 workers will be on site on a daily basis. While construction workers may not score touchdowns, they do celebrate highlights — and lately there have been a lot.

“We essentially are done with all the concrete work on site,” Michele Kelm-Helgen, chair of the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority, said.

Ten-thousand loads of concrete were delivered to the stadium. That would essentially fill more than 30 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

“All the concourses, all the decks, all the stadia that will be supporting all the seats within the stadium — all that work is done,” Kelm-Helgen said.

So is a stormwater filtration system on the southeast corner of the stadium. It will recycle water so it does not go into the river.

A chord of steel has also been installed that joins the two sides of the roof, weighing about 60,000 pounds.

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(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

And the stadium is starting to get its “skin.” It will eventually be covered in black, metal panels that you can find on the east side of the building.

And unlike the Teflon feel of the Metrodome, you’ll be able to see through the roof. This month, they will begin the largest installation of ETFE in the country.

ETFE is not glass, but looks like it from a distance. Workers will install three layers of ETFE, covering about 60 percent of the roof.

“I do think this building really shows the creativity and the innovation that’s part of Minnesota,” Kelm-Helgen said.

In addition to Vikings games, the new stadium is already scheduled to play host to the Super Bowl in 2018 and the Final Four in 2019.

And they have put in a bid for the 2020 College Football Playoff National Championship game.

The MSFA is also thinking about putting in a bid for WrestleMania in 2017.

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Like AT&T Stadium in Dallas, tours will also be given in the offseason with proceeds going towards the state.

John Lauritsen