MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – As you may know, Sunday is the summer solstice. So the state is taking advantage of all this attention to the sun.

Commerce Commissioner Mike Rothman visited the “Tiny Diner’ in south Minneapolis Sunday afternoon. It uses 84 solar panels and reflectors to help generate power.

The National Renewable Energy Lab says solar is the largest energy resource available in Minnesota. It says, on average, a typical single-family home in the state gets enough daily sunlight to power the whole house, year-round.

“With the price of solar coming down, more residences, more homeowners, more restaurants, more people in industry, are looking at solar as an alternative,” Rothman said.

Rothman also demonstrated a “solar suitability app” developed by a team at the U. You can use the app to get an idea of your home’s solar energy potential.

The Energy Lab says Minnesota actually gets more sunlight than Houston, Texas, or Jacksonville, Florida.