MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Target Corporation has removed a Confederate officer costume from sales on its website in the aftermath of the murders at a black Charleston, South Carolina church last week.

A Target spokesperson told WCCO that the Confederate soldier costume is the only item of its kind sold by the company.

(credit: Target Corp.)

(credit: Target Corp.)

“Our intention is never to offend,” a Target spokesperson said. “We did identify one historical costume on our website. As we all recognize the great sensitivity around this, we have removed that one item from our website.”

Amazon.com and Wal-Mart are other major retailers who are no longer selling items with the Confederate flag or other associated symbols.

The Charleston tragedy has opened up discussion on the appropriateness of symbols related to the Confederate side of the Civil War. There is a petition on Change.org to change the name of Minneapolis’ Lake Calhoun, which was named after Vice President John C. Calhoun — a passionate supporter of slavery.