MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A Minnesota State Trooper has been charged with excessive speeding after he was caught driving 94 mph in a 55 mph zone, according to Minnesota State Patrol.

The Fergus Falls City Attorney has cited Sergeant Jesse Grabow for excessive speeding.

According to the charges, at 6:46 a.m. on April 28,  state trooper Robyn J. Birr was on patrol traveling westbound on Highway 210 when a passenger traveling eastbound appeared to be traveling at a fast rate.

Birr clocked the eastbound car with Stalker Radar and found the driver was going 94 to 95 mph.

The road was straight and there was no other eastbound traffic.

According to Minnesota State Patrol,  Birr turned on his emergency lights and began to pull over to the right to meet the car. As he did so, he noticed it was a Minnesota State Patrol Squad Car. Birr then turned off his emergency lights and continued westbound on Highway 210.

Grabow contacted Birr shortly after they met in the road and Birr confirmed that Grabow was the closest squad car to him and had been the eastbound squad car.

The chief of the Minnesota State Patrol released a statement on the charge, saying Grabow erred in judgement.

“As state troopers, we are not immune to the dangers of exceeding the speed limit. Sgt. Jesse Grabow, a 17-year veteran and valued member of our agency, erred in judgement and broke the law when he was observed speeding on duty without cause. We take this very seriously and have initiated an internal affairs investigation now that the city attorney has completed his review,” Langer said.

Grabow has been temporarily reassigned while the investigation is ongoing.