MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Wade from Brainerd is already tired of mosquitoes this summer, but he still wants to know: What do mosquitoes eat?

According to the American Mosquito Control Association, only females feed on blood because they require the protein to produce eggs.

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Both male and female mosquitoes also feed on natural sources of sugar, like plant nectar and berries.

Becki from White Bear Lake asks: Why is Uptown Minneapolis called Uptown?

According the Hennepin History Museum, the move to name the Lake-Hennepin area started in the 1920s.

The business leaders in the neighborhood wanted an identity, so they looked to Chicago. They considered Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood to be “famous and prosperous,” so the Minneapolis leaders used the same name.

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Once the Lagoon Theater changed to the Uptown Theater in 1929, the name stuck.

After last weekend’s huge World Cup Win and Carli Lloyd’s three record-setting goals, Rachel from Minneapolis asked: Why do we call it a hat trick?

The origin of the term we use for three goals by the same person in one game does not originate from hockey or soccer.

The Oxford English Dictionary says it started with cricket in England the mid-1800s, when one player took three wickets in three consecutive deliveries.

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As customary during the time, people took up a collection for him, and then bought him a hat.

Heather Brown