MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — From a historic agreement to limit Iran’s nuclear program to an equally history flyby of the dwarf planet Pluto, here are the four stories to know for Tuesday, July 14.

Historic Nuclear Agreement With Iran

President Obama addressed the nation Tuesday, saying the agreement to limit Iran’s nuclear program is not built on trust, its built on verification.

The deal will allow UN inspectors to press for visits to Iranian military sites.

In return, economic sanctions will be eased, but it isn’t entirely clear when that will happen.

MLB All Star Game

The Major League Baseball All Star Game is Tuesday night in Cincinnati.

Brian Dozier and Glen Perkins will be part of the All Star Game beginning at 6. Last night, it was all about the home run derby.

For the first time in Reds history, one of their players won the Derby.

Todd Frazier became only the second player to win the Derby in front of a home crowd.

Harper Lee’s ‘Go Set A Watchman’ Now On Sale

Local Barnes & Noble stores opened two hours early at 7 a.m.

Bookstores report excitement is high for the new novel, just the second from the author of the classic, ‘To Kill A Mocking Bird.’

There is controversy over the book: Atticus Fitch, the star of the original, is back as a racist in old age.

Pluto Flyby

NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft zipped past Pluto and its five moons this morning. It only took 9 years and 3 billion miles to get there!

Scientists are over the moon about the incredible pictures of the dwarf planet so far and can’t wait to see what’s captured today.

So far, we’ve seen new craters and some scientists think Pluto may be bigger than we thought.