MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — There are the things 14-year-old boys are supposed to do — hang out with their friends, and play baseball.

For Sean Floersch, especially pitching.

“It’s just my favorite part,” he said.

But it’s something he hasn’t been able to do for quite a while.

“In October, I woke up in the middle of the night with pain on my left side,” Floersch said.

A trip to the doctor revealed that he had bone cancer, a tumor roughly the size of a D battery on his ribs. Doctors ordered 17 rounds of chemotherapy, then surgery in February, to remove the tumor and the three ribs it had damaged.

“They sewed GoreTex into the ribs,” Floersch said. “And then they took a muscle in my left shoulder and covered it up, for extra protection.”

His mom, Sarah Floersch, said the surgery was difficult.

“Very hard,” she said. “It was a very tough recovery.”

Sean was determined to get back on the mound.

“He’s such a trooper,” his mom said.

But the chemo kept getting in the way.

“So I kept having to wait and wait,” he said.

But this weekend – the last weekend of the season – it finally happened.

“He’s pretty amazing,” Sarah said. “He’s been working so hard with his physical therapist to make this happen. This has been his goal all summer. Not just play, but go back to pitching. Because that’s his love.”

Sean said he was happy to finally get back on the mound again.

“That’s where I love to play, and it’s where I feel at home, on the mound,” he said. “I was able to accomplish what I was hoping to do.”

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