MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — There are plenty of rules when it comes to eating properly.

Etiquette matters. No one wants to be around someone who stuffs food in their mouth and chews like a wild animal. Unless it’s a hot-dog eating contest.

Tuesday afternoon, a Twin Cities tradition returned for the sixth year in the Chris and Rob’s “Weiner Takes All” Chicago Hot Dog Eating Contest. WCCO met today’s contestants and the record-breaking winner.

It’s amazing what people will do for bragging rights, and for charity. Rob Dubnecay is one of the owners of the restaurant.

“What we do is we do $250 to the winner of the contest plus $25 for every dog that every person eats in the contest. The winner gets to designate the winning charity, based whoever they are eating for,” he said.

It takes a brave soul to try to eat as many hot dogs as possible in five minutes. The contest puts Twin Cities firefighters against police officers during National Hot Dog Month. Minneapolis Police Officer Carl White was the guy to beat.  He’s won this contest all five times they’ve held it in the past.

We asked him his secret.

“Sheer will and a big stomach,” White said.

As well as some preparation in the hours beforehand.

“A good bowl of oatmeal and nice run in the morning,” he said.

But this year, Carl’s winning streak ended. Seated right next to him: A new winner and a new record. Minneapolis Police Officer Tony Olsen devoured eight hot dogs in five minutes, buns and topping included.

“I feel great. This is the crowning moment of my career. The pinnacle,” Officer Olsen said.

The $1,100 in prize money will go to a charity that helps the families of fallen officers.

“I was just in the moment. I was focusing on the hot dogs. I was trying to secure the title. Now that’s done. It’s pretty nice,” he said.

The old record was 6.5 hot dogs in five minutes. National Hot Dog Day is Thursday, July 23.

Chris and Rob’s Chicago Taste Authority is celebrating early by selling their hot dogs for just five cents today, with the purchase of a large order of fries and a drink.  They have a restaurant in Minneapolis and one in St. Paul as well.

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