MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It’s July, which means we’re in the hottest time of the year for Minnesota weather.

Mother Nature won’t disappoint on Monday as she will bring the heat. With it will come some oppressive humidity and a few storms before it finally feels comfortable again.

We had a high in the Twin Cities in the upper 80s on Sunday, but high humidity levels made it feel more like the upper 90s. As we get ready to start a new week on Monday, it will feel even hotter.

WCCO Meteorologist Lauren Casey says we should expect a mostly sunny day on Monday with a high near 90 degrees, if not warmer. It will include a dew point near 70 degrees, which feels extremely uncomfortable if not oppressive.

Casey says we could experience a heat index by the afternoon of 100 degrees or warmer. Because of the hot conditions, people should drink plenty of fluids throughout the day and if you have to be outside, do so in spurts or check out your local pool.

It also serves as a reminder that pets shouldn’t be out in the hot and humid conditions for long periods of time. The heat can get dangerous in a hurry, so you’ll want to make sure your air conditioning is working properly.

Casey says there is a chance for strong storms to come through late Monday night into Tuesday morning, bringing with it a front that will restore more comfortable conditions for the rest of the week.


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