MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Part of the ceiling collapsed Wednesday evening at First Avenue in downtown Minneapolis.

The building was evacuated after three to four concertgoers were injured. Two people were taken to the Hennepin County Medical Center for evaluation.

A source said the “reverberation of music” caused a leak in the pipes in the ceiling, and the tiles fell down after becoming saturated with water.

The music venue was hosting a performance by “Theory of a Deadman.”

The Minneapolis Fire Department was on the scene, shutting off water flow to the pipes in the ceiling, attending to the injured and evaluating the integrity of the building.

“Mid-show, it seemed like the electricity went out on stage and the band stopped playing,” Courtney Anderson said. “We heard a commotion and turned around to the back.

“Water was coming from the ceiling like rain and people were trying to stay out of it. People somewhat stampeded out of the way. It looked like a sprinkler was going off.

As we were rushed out, there was a girl who looked injured and another guy who was covered in mud.”

Users on Twitter and Instagram captured the collapse and the scene afterward on video:


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