MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO)The Democratic National Committee is holding its summer meeting in downtown Minneapolis, starting Thursday.

All five top Democratic presidential candidates will speak to the state party chairs and super delegates, including Lincoln Chaffee, Hillary Clinton, Martin O’Malley, Bernie Sanders and Jim Webb.

DNC members say that so far, there’s little political infighting.

“Everyone I have talked to, whether they are committed delegates or not, are very, very firm that we are all going to be friends up until the nomination,” Nancy Schumacher, a Democratic National Committee member from Minnesota, said.

But one other possible candidate who’s not making the trip to Minneapolis is casting a shadow over the proceedings: Vice President Joe Biden.

Organizers of a Draft Biden for President group sent an e-mail to DNC members asking them “to keep an open mind and consider a Biden candidacy.”

Volunteers for frontrunner Hillary Clinton say they are not concerned. One of them, Minnesota’s Democratic Party Chairman Ken Martin, says he welcomes the challenge.

“We’re Democrats,” Martin said. “We don’t do coronations here in our state.  We don’t do it in our country.  We believe strongly that we need a very robust primary debate.”

But Republican leaders — facing a tumultuous presidential campaign of their own — call Biden’s possible entry in the race a sign the Clinton campaign is in serious trouble.

“THE anointed candidate,” Minnesota Republican Party Chair Keith Downey said, “behind whom everybody has coalesced, has imploded so badly in front of the American people that they are having to look at alternatives like Joe Biden.”

The DNC Minneapolis meeting continues through Saturday.

Pat Kessler

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  1. loaper73 says:

    Great, if Biden throws his hat in the ring, we’ll get to choose from a pathalogical liar, a true socialist and a knucklehead.

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