MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Every Friday, Heather Brown answers some of our viewers burning questions. This week, she tells us abotu the reverse roads in the U.K., dial tones on cell phones and of course, Pronto Pup!

Sisters AJ, Katy and Annie recently visited London and wondered: Why do Americans drive on the right?

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According to the Federal Highway Administration, the move from left to right side of the road started in the 1700s with covered wagons. To best control the horses, the driver would sit on the back left horse and handle the reins with the left hand. He’d use the right, generally dominant, hand to whip the animals. By traveling on the right side of the road, the driver would have a better view of the middle of the road.

Historian Albert Rose, formerly of the U.S. Bureau of Public Roads, also found, “a smoldering opposition to the customs of the Old World.”

Patricia from Maplewood asks: Why don’t cellphones have dial tones?

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Dial tones are no longer necessary. Early on, human operators would connect calls so people knew those calls were going through. After automation, the dial tone let people know the system was working. When cellphones came along, the phones could do what was needed without the tone. According to Dan Goldin, the people behind the cell phone technology actually made the choice to get rid of the dial tone.

Alan from Hanley Falls wants to know: How did Pronto Pup get its name?

According to David Sulmonetti with Pronto Pup Co., Inc., the Pronto Pup was named in the 1940s when no microwaves existed.

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“Deep frying was the fastest way to cook. Pronto is FAST,” Sulmonetti said. “Pup is related to the hot dog in a cute way.”

Heather Brown