MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A 45-year-old man is facing charges for allegedly robbing a bank in Farmington last month.

Rick William Olsen, of Farmington, is facing one count of aggravated robbery in the first degree.

According to the criminal complaint, at 10:57 a.m. on August 7 Farmington police responded to a call of a bank robbery.

Upon arrival, officers learned that a man, later identified as Olsen, entered the bank and pointed a black handgun at a teller while demanding money.

According to the criminal complaint, Olsen demanded a female teller to put large bills in a black nylon bag. He also had a second teller put money in the bag, reportedly getting away with roughly $2,145 in cash.

Police said both tellers described Olsen as wearing a black half motorcycle helmet, gloves, black jacket, black sunglasses and dark bandana covering the lower half of his face. Surveillance footage also confirmed this description.

(credit: Farmington Police Department)

(credit: Farmington Police Department)

Further investigation revealed that two other suspects in the area had seen a man on a motorcycle matching the same description in the area during the time frame of the robbery.

According to the criminal complaint, on August 13 a concerned citizen called to identify Olsen.

The citizen said they had seen the photo posted by police and recognized the suspect as Olsen.

Police said the citizen reported that Olsen had the same clothes and helmet as seen in the photos. The citizen said Olsen lived close to the bank that was robbed, that he struggled with substance abuse and had been having money problems.

They told police that they had spoken with another person who had seen Olsen the day of the robbery. They mentioned he was wearing a helmet, which he normally does not do.

Officers spoke with two other people who had seen Olsen arrive home on August 7 and they confirmed that he was wearing a black helmet and bandana over his face. They noted they thought it was odd because he does not usually wear it that way.

According to the criminal complaint, police obtained a search warrant on Sept. 15 and went to Olsen’s house.

During the search they found methamphetamine paraphernalia, a bandana similar to the one worn by the suspect, a helmet, a black jack and a black nylon bag.

A black handgun was also found in the motorcycle that matched the one seen in surveillance footage.

If guilty, Olsen could face a maximum of 20 years in prison, a maximum fine of $35,000 or both.