MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – An angry Lakeville driver is accused of purposely hitting a rollerblading teenager with his car and then the threatening the 15-year-old with a metal pipe.

Raymond Hawes, 59, is charged with a felony count of threatening violence in the Aug. 18 incident.

The teenager was rollerblading with a friend on the side of a Lakeville street when Hawes drove up behind them, according to the criminal complaint.

Hawes honked at the teens and they waved him past.

But Hawes sped up and struck the 15-year-old with his side mirror, the complaint says. After the boy flipped him off, Hawes got out of his car.

They exchanged words briefly as the teen removed his rollerblades before Hawes went to his car to retrieve a metal pipe.

The teen told police that Hawes held the pipe in a “baseball stance” and that he felt threatened.

Hawes told police he also felt threatened.