MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A man is facing three charges following what police call a “road rage” incident on the Hennepin Avenue bridge in Minneapolis earlier this month.

Anthony Terell Ford, 21, was already facing charges for a drive-by shooting at a north Minneapolis McDonald’s that same night. He’s now been charged with second-degree murder, drive-by shooting and illegally possessing a firearm after prosecutors say he shot a cab driver early in the morning on Sept. 4.

According to the criminal complaint, the cab driver was shot in the right forearm and thigh at around 2:50 a.m. He told police he was driving across the bridge to pick up a fare when a black Chevy Impala drove up alongside him and begin shooting into the passenger side of the car. The cab driver said a black car had cut him off earlier, and a man got out and yelled at him.

Prosecutors say video evidence corroborates the charges against Ford. According to the criminal complaint, security cameras caught Ford exiting a parking lot downtown, running a red light, cutting off the cab and later driving alongside it on the bridge.

Some 15 minutes later, prosecutors say Ford was at the north Minneapolis McDonald’s, at 45th Street and Lyndale Avenue. According to the criminal complaint, Ford bumped the car in front of him in the drive-thru. Prosecutors say the driver got out to exchange information with Ford before he leaned out of his car and began screaming at her. She got back into her car with her two children inside and heard five gunshots before Ford drove away, court documents say.

Police soon caught up with and arrested Ford, along with his passenger, 29-year-old Zelar Graves, who was charged with aiding and abetting Ford at the McDonald’s shooting. Police recovered a handgun from the car, which prosecutors say matched the rounds used in both shootings.