MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A Jordan man has been charged in connection with a double shooting in Chaska that left two people injured late last week.

Joshua Lee Gilpin, 39, has been charged with one count of attempted murder in the first degree, two counts of attempted murder in the second degree, one count of first degree assault and one count of violent threats and reckless disregard.

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According to the criminal complaint, around 9:30 p.m. on Oct. 1 Chaska police officers responded to a call of a multiple shooting in the 3600 block of County Road 140.

Upon arrival, officers found a man, later identified as 60-year-old Robert Gilpin, and a woman, later identified as Heidi Robling, with gunshot wounds. Both were taken to Twelve Medical Center in Chaska and later transferred to Hennepin County Medical Center. Each are expected to survive.

Through further investigation, police learned that Heidi was Joshua’s ex-girlfriend. She was living with her parents and her and Joshua’s 4-year-old. The two share custody of the boy.

Heidi told police in the weeks prior to the shooting Joshua had made threats against her and her current boyfriend. She noticed he had been drinking a lot and suspected he was using controlled substances.

On Oct. 1, Joshua was returning their son to Heidi after having a visit with him at his parents’ house. Joshua’s father, Robert Gilpin, was accompanying them.

According to the criminal complaint, Heidi came outside to get the boy and when she turned to walk back inside Joshua followed her.

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Heidi stated she heard a clicking sound and Joshua revealed he had a handgun.

The complaint states Heidi began pleading for Joshua not to shoot and called to Robert, who was waiting in the car. When Robert approached Joshua, Joshua turned around and shot him in the chest.

Joshua then turned back toward Heidi and shot her in the neck as she was running down stairs in her home. She used her body to shield her son from getting hit.

Heidi’s parents were home and called 911. Joshua fled on foot prior to police arrival.

Heidi’s father, Steve Robling, said he feared for his daughter’s safety and there was ongoing tension between the two. Steve said he thinks Joshua shot his dad for interfering.

According to the criminal complaint, Heidi had an “in-and-out” wound and did not require any major surgeries.

The gunshot to Robert damaged his liver. Doctors said surgery could be dangerous so the bullet should just stay inside his body.

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Joshua was arrested on Oct. 2. Bail has been set for $200,000 in cash or $2 million bond with a domestic abuse no contact order for the boy, Heidi and Robert.