MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — — For the second time in one week, a metro area high school student has been arrested for bringing a gun to school.

The latest incident happened Monday at Patrick Henry High School in Minneapolis. The gun and ammunition were found in a student’s locker.

Last week in St. Paul, a Harding High School student was arrested after a gun was found when his backpack.

On Wednesday, school officials in Minneapolis held a press conference about the recently found gun, and made it clear that violence would not be tolerated in and around the school.

A police report says a 16-year-old student bought a .38-caliber handgun and ammunition to Patrick Henry High school. The student “was overheard telling other students that he had the gun in his locker and was going to shoot someone with it after class.”

The student’s locker was searched and the gun and was found.

School officials said that while they couldn’t say much about Monday’s incident due to state privacy laws, school and community leaders said they want everyone to know they are launching an anti-violence campaign.

“We are taking a stand today to address the symptoms and stop the violence in our schools before it starts,” said the district’s interim superintendent Michael Goar.

The anti-violence campaign is called Not in our Schools.

Students at Patrick Henry said they were surprised to hear about the incident with the gun.

“I am pretty shocked,” student Ashton Lofton said. “I didn’t think any Henry kid would bring a gun to school. That is pretty stupid…Henry is a safe school.”

As part of the new campaign, students will be encouraged to call a tip line where they can be anonymous, staffing will be increased, and there will be renewed emphasis on student conduct.

“For our students, this is your life, your future, I need you to step up and make good decisions,” Goar said at the press conference.

Last week at Harding High School in St. Paul, an assistant principal searched a student’s backpack for marijuana and found a loaded .22-calibre handgun.

That student was arrested and charged as juvenile with felony possession of a dangerous weapon on school property. The student told police he was a gang member and needed the gun to protect him from other gang members.

Goar said the the “Not in our Schools” campaign will be in all Minneapolis high schools.