MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Often we’re told to put down our smartphones, but at Mall of America they are asking you to pick it up!

This weekend, you can take part in a Twizzard at MOA. The Mall of America is asking guests to use their phones to create an indoor blizzard using Twitter.

People from all over the world can control the weather by tweeting hashtag #Twizzard. Once 1,000 tweets using #Twizzard come in the indoor blizzard will be activated.

A barometer on the rotunda video wall will keep a tally of tweets and display the progress.

“It’s magical,” Jill Renslow, senior vice president of business development and marketing, said. “Especially those visitors from out of state and internationally who haven’t experience snow, they just look at it in awe and it’s very exciting to see.”

There is no certain time of the day the blizzard is going to start; it’s all up to the people on Twitter to make it happen.