MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The father of a North Dakota teenager whose gun-toting senior photo was banned from his school’s yearbook is calling for the principal to be fired.

Andy Dahlen is principal of Fargo North High School. He says the photo of Josh Renville holding a rifle and standing in front of an American flag goes against school policy which does not allow students to “wear clothing that depicts guns or weapons or any violence or drugs or alcohol.” He says Josh must submit a new photo.

Josh’s father, Charlie Renville, says Dahlen has long had a problem with his family because of their conservative views and support for gun rights.

“We’re tired of this battle,” Charlie Renville told WCCO’s Chad Hartman. “I’m not out there for revenge, but I think someone in Andy’s position as a principal should not use that position as a bully pulpit to preach his agenda. He should respect all viewpoints.”

Charlie Renville is meeting with Dahlen and officials from the Fargo school district Thursday afternoon.