MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A Brooklyn Park man has been charged in the death of a man who died from a heroin overdose.

Jaime McClellan, 31, has been charged with third-degree murder for selling, giving, or distributing a controlled substance.

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According to the criminal complaint, police found a man dead inside his home in Medina on Oct. 25. They also found spoons, syringes, and heroin.

Investigators were able to track down a friend of the victim via his cell phone, who told them the two men had purchased heroin from McClellan. He also told police he had even warned him to be careful using the heroin as it was very potent or “the good stuff”. McLellan was arrested last week with a large amount of cash on him.

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In a news conference Tuesday, Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek said while every heroin overdose is tragic, it is also preventable.

“I’m sure he [the victim] didn’t get into it thinking ‘hey, I could die as a result of it’,” Stanek said. “Fact of the matter is every time you use heroin it’s like playing Russian roulette.”

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McClellan is currently in custody in Anoka County, where he is a suspect in an on-going investigation involving another individual who died after a lethal dose of heroin.