MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Two women who protested at the 4th Precinct site are suing the City of Minneapolis and unidentified police officers for allegations of excessive force, according to court documents.

The women — identified as Camille Williams and Carrie Athanasselis — allege that officers struck them with nightsticks when police were trying to move a crowd on Nov. 18 at the Black Lives Matter protest outside of the 4th precinct.

According to the court documents, one woman says she was recording police with her cell phone camera, but an officer knocked it down and broke it with a nightstick.

Williams claims she was hit with a nightstick several times in her face and body. Anthanasselis claims she was hit in the face under her left eye with a nightstick.

The City of Minneapolis denied all of the claims of excessive force.

The suit was initially filed in Hennepin County District Court but has since been moved to federal court. No hearing dates have been set.

The 4th Precinct protest was over the death of Jamar Clark, who died during a confrontation with two police officers in north Minneapolis.