MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Minnesota Timberwolves’ Zach LaVine is a classic combo guard. He is athletic enough that you want him on the floor at some position. Even he is not sure which position that will be every night.

“I play point, I play two, I play three, you know, whatever [Coach Sam Mitchell] wants me to go out there and do, you know. I do it, I do the best I can,” LaVine said. “Sam be keeping me on my toes, man [laughs]!”

What he does know much better is the player next to him — Andrew Wiggins. No doubt a cornerstone piece, together they are comfortable with each other.

“I know his game, he knows my game, I know where he wants the ball, he knows where I want the ball,” Wiggins said. “And it’s good, you know. We came to the team together, you know, and now we’re getting the chance to play all these games together. You know, he’s building the chemistry, he’s building everything up.”

That’s an even bigger key for LaVine; to know himself, and to understand Wiggins.

“We’ve know each other since last year, you know, on and off the court, so almost the whole second half of the season we played together … when [Ricky Rubio] was hurt,” LaVine said. “And, you know, just starting to get to know each other’s tendencies.”

This brings us to a guard who is where they were. Tyus Jones has learned the NBA is a tough league, and he has gained an appreciation for what they went through in their rookie seasons.

“You know there’s a learning curve coming in, but you don’t know the extent of it until you go through it,” Jones said. “I definitely see what they had to go through, and you know, that’s what I’m going through currently and still trying to overcome.”

The Timberwolves play the Utah Jazz Wednesday night at Target Center.

Mike Max