MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – It’s a classic ballet story – The Nutcracker

For the 2015 holiday season, the O’Shaughnessy Stage at St. Catherine University performed the show with 36-year-old Erin Warn among the cast. Warn’s talent, passion and determination is what makes her this week’s Minnesotan to Meet.

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Warn has been tackling different dances in the Nutcracker for more than three decades.

“Growing up with this “Nutcracker,” doing the first original one [at the O’Shaughnessy,] I’ve walked my way through almost every part,” she said.

This year, she danced the part of Rose.  But, it’s not just Rose she enjoys. Warn said she loves really getting into any character.

“It depends on the character. So, Frau Ratheimer, I play an evil lady in the first act. It’s kind of fun to be something completely different,” she said.

Warn comes from a dance family – her older sister danced the part of Rose before her.

“My older sister did Rose and I remember watching that scene. I love the tutu, it’s absolutely beautiful,” Warn said.

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Now she’s not dancing with her sister, but rather her daughters.

“Last year my daughter was Clara and I did Snow Queen, so dancing with her on satge was overwhelming for my heart. Hard to hold back tears,” she said.

Her youngest played a mouse in this year’s dance, but even with her daughters on stage she said the final curtain call is getting close.

“I also teach math at Metropolitan State University, so that’s kind of where my career will go. Bodies don’t last forever doing this,” she said.

While she is getting herself ready for life after the stage, she believes this magical performance prepares anyone for the road ahead.

“A few things: how to deal with frustration, how to be with yourself, dedication to something and how you can individually work hard,” she said.

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The next ballet performance for Warn will be during the 27th Minnesota Dance Festival. The festival will feature the ballet “Sleeping Beauty.” The show has not yet been cast but Warn will most certainly have a starring role, probably as one of the fairies.