MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A 21-month-old girl is clinging to life after suffering injuries police say appear to be intentional.

Rae’Ana Hall was left with her father while her mother went to work on Sunday morning.

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Hours later, her mother says she got a call from the hospital saying her child was in critical condition.

Rae’Chelle Hall has not left her daughter’s side since the incident. She says her child’s father kept their baby often, but this time something happened that put her child into critical condition.

Rae'Ana Hall (credit: CBS)

Rae’Ana Hall (credit: CBS)

“She’s very playful, cheerful, she’s a happy baby, she is always trying to get you to laugh,” Hall said.

She says Rae’Ana is her world.

“My baby has a large personality for her size, and everybody who comes in contact with her just always falls in love with her, always,” she said.

Hall says her child enjoyed spending time with her father as well, which is why she says she never had a problem with leaving her with him.

Rae'Chelle Hall (credit: CBS)

Rae’Chelle Hall (credit: CBS)

She says she left home at 10 a.m. and got a call at about 4 p.m. to go to HCMC. Once there, she learned her bright-eyed baby girl was fighting for her life.

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“She has broken ribs on both sides, her pelvic bone is broke as well,” Hall said. “They said she has severe damage done to the right side of her brain.”

Hall says the child’s father told her what happened.

“He had told me, like, he took her to go see his other daughter and they collided heads because they were so excited to see each other. They ran up to each other [and] collided head,” she said.

Hall says the baby’s father was interviewed by Minneapolis police and has changed his story several times.

Rae'Ana Hall's Dad (credit: CBS)

Rae’Ana Hall’s Dad (credit: CBS)

All police would say is they have interviewed a number of people, and that the mother has been cooperative.

“I just went to work, you know. I did what I thought was best as her mom, and if I would have ever thought for a second, a slight second that this would happen, I swear I would never, ever left my baby in his care,” Hall said.

Hall believes the baby’s father knows more than he is saying. She says she wants the truth, and for her smiling baby girl to get better.

Police do not have any warrants yet for anyone’s arrest connected to the toddler’s injuries.

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Hall says what she needs most are prayers for her child as she heals from the abuse.

Reg Chapman