A hilarious video from TrexTuesdays of an ice skating T-Rex goes viral

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A new video takes the idea of “T-Rex Trying” to a new level.

TrexTuesday‘s most recent video of a person clad in a Tyrannosaurus Rex costume going ice skating is taking the Internet by storm.

The T-Rex starts off a bit shaky at first, but after two minutes is doing hops and spins like a pro. Of course, there are few tumbles too.

The video has been viewed over 56 million times and has over 600,000 likes on Facebook.

It’s unclear whether this prehistoric creature roamed the Twin Cities during its time, but it clearly prefers the area now. Other videos show it with a T-Rex friend walking around Lake Calhoun and enjoying a visit to the “Spoonbridge & Cherry.”

TrexTuesday said it releases new videos of the carnivore’s adventures each Tuesday.

It of course brought to mind other dinosaurs who experienced trouble in the modern age.