Twins Hall of Fame slugger, Rod Carew spoke from the heart, about the heart.

TwinsFest is usually a chance for fans and players get excited about the upcoming season. But for one Hall of Fame player, he was simply thankful to just be there.

For the first time since revealing he suffered a massive heart attack last September, Rod Carew had an emotional return to Target Field. The former first baseman said his guardian angel was with him that fall day as paramedics thought they lost him twice before getting to the hospital.

Carew, who’s 70 years old, now relies on a backpack full of batteries and computers to keep him alive.

Determined to return to the ballpark and help save others from a similar fate, Carew announced the “Heart of 29” campaign — a partnership between the Twins, Angels and Hall of Fame with the American Heart Association to raise awareness and funds for cardiovascular health.

Here, in his own words, is Carew on the support and humility he’s endured since his heart attack.