MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A group of students from Como Park High School in St. Paul are using the Iowa Caucus as a classroom.

The group of 45 students will leave for Mason City, Iowa Monday afternoon after school, where they’ll take in a Republican and Democratic Caucus.

All the students are part of an AP Government Class taught by Eric Erickson.

He said this field trip is a great opportunity for them to see what they’ve learned in action.

“With all of the buzz around the nation on Iowa today there is no better place to be. And to see it first-hand will make an impression on them that, I think, will inspire political participation for the rest of their lives,” Erikson said.

“This is my first time [that] I get to vote and I want to be involved in the government. How the government is working will affect my education too,” senior Lina Abajebel.

Erickson told WCCO that one of his students who took this same field trip in 2008 is now the regional director for the Hillary Clinton campaign in Iowa.

A group of Minneapolis students will also be attending the Iowa Caucus. The 54 students from the Blake School in Minneapolis left Saturday for the event.

The St. Paul students hope to be home by 11 p.m. Monday night.