MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Farmington man faces several criminal charges for allegedly terrorizing his estranged wife, who is in the process of divorcing him.

The Dakota County Attorney’s Office says Marcus Raymond McGibbon, 34, is charged with stalking him wife and violating a restraining order against him.

McGibbon is also charged with three counts of methamphetamine possession, and a count each of possessing a sawed-off shotgun and committing a crime while wearing a bullet-proof vest.

The criminal complaint says McGibbon’s wife reached out to Farmington police last September to report his threatening and unpredictable behavior.

She told authorities she was trying to divorce him due to domestic violence, his drug use and weapons possession.

McGibbon’s wife waived an initial restraining order she filed against him in order to work out custody arrangements for the couple’s daughter.

But she said she filed for another restraining order after McGibbon started showing up unexpectedly where she was. She then found a GPS device hidden in the wheel well of her car — something he had done once earlier in their marriage.

He was also accused by his wife of sending text messages that contained veiled threats to her and their daughter.

The wife was granted another restraining order in early October, which prevented McGibbon from contact with her and their daughter for two years. McGibbon was seen by deputies in the parking lot of the courthouse on that day, but he never left his car.

When deputies went to his residence to serve the order, they say McGibbon briefly fled into the woods. McGibbon took to Facebook soon after, posting, “Since when did it take 4 deputies to come serve me with court paperwork? I don’t know if I should be offended or take it as a compliment.”

His wife reported to police the very next day that he showed up to where she was shopping and eating. She then found another GPS tracker attached to her car. Two days after that, she saw him parked down the street from her home and called authorities.

Police arrested him without incident, but on the way to jail he requested a padded cell and said he was suicidal.

Investigators found items such as a wig, a black face mask, pepper spray, a knife, a Kevlar vest, binoculars, a video camera, tripod and Gorilla Tape — which matched the tape used to attach GPS trackers to her car.

Footage found on the video camera included parents and children leaving his daughter’s birthday party at a local school, and footage of the outside of his wife’s home. In the latter video, a man’s voice can be heard saying, “I’m not stalking, I’m researching, documenting,” and, “I’d f—ing kill them all if I could. Kill every one of them.”

More than two grams of meth was found in his car, and several pills and meth pipes were found in his home. Several weapons were also seized, including an illegal shotgun.

McGibbon later admitted to investigators that the guns and drugs were all his, and he was responsible for placing GPS devices on her vehicle.

He could face up to 35 years in prison if convicted on all counts.