MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Every Friday, Heather Brown takes a look at some of the Good Questions viewers had throughout the week. This time, she’s looking at lottery winnings, Super Bowl home advantages, and soaps.

No one officially claimed a $63 million jackpot in California this week. So, Brandon wants to know: “What happens to unclaimed lottery winnings?”

It depends on the state. In California, the money will go to California Public Schools. But, in Minnesota, the legislature passed a law in 2003 that directed all unclaimed lottery prizes go to the state’s general fund. In financial year 2015, $11.7 million of prizes in Minnesota went unclaimed. The largest ever prize unclaimed in the state was a $1.4 million Gopher Five jackpot in 2007.

Kiley from Rochester asks: “Why are they called soap operas?”

The first soap operas were on daytime radio back in the 1930s and were targeted to women. Many of those shows were sponsored by soap companies.

Terri from Hutchinson wants to know: “Has a home team hosted a Super Bowl?”

Technically, no, but two teams have come close. In 1980, Los Angeles lost to Pittsburgh at the Rose Bowl. In 1985, San Francisco beat Miami at nearby Stanford Stadium.

Heather Brown