Before winter comes to a close, Tin Whiskers is hosting its third seasonal brew-off.

On Wednesday, Feb. 17 the St. Paul brewery will face off against Minneapolis’ cooperative brewery, Fair State Brewing.

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For those unfamiliar, a brew-off pits two breweries against one another. Both create a unique beer using three flavors decided upon by a social media audience.

On the night in question, patrons will do a blind taste test of the two brews and vote on which they think is better.

The winner will receive the title of Brew-Off Champion.

Tin Whiskers began the quarterly event last May, taking on fellow St. Paul brewery Urban Growler. The brewers used coconut, ginger and mango.

The result was a tie.

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In September, Tin Whiskers moved the competition across the river and took on LynLake Brewery.

This challenge used tamarind, lemongrass and caramel. The winner was Tin Whiskers.

“This is a really fun way to collaborate with others in the industry because we both have a great passion for experimentation. We get to challenge ourselves and use ingredients we may never have used before but now we’re forced to,” Jeff Moriarty, one-third founder of Tin Whiskers, said.

Now, Tin Whiskers must attempt to hold on to their title.

The two breweries will meet in the middle at Gumpy’s In Roseville from 5 to 8 p.m. The flavors are cherry, sumac and rosemary.

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Grumpy’s is located at 2801 Snelling Avenue in Roseville. For those that prefer not to drive, the 225 Metro Transit bus route drops off across the street.