ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — It’s the second week of February and the number of reported flu cases in Minnesota remains low.

According to the Department of Health, last flu season more than 4,000 Minnesotans had to be hospitalized. So far this flu season, there have only been 92.

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Like most years, the rush to get a flu shot happens in the fall as people try and stay one step ahead.

“Last year we gave 78,000 flu shots to over 1,500 clinics,” Melissa Beebe said.

Beebe is the program manager for Flu and Worksite Wellness. She and her staff deliver on-site flu shots to schools, work places and long-term care facilities.

But this year, like the past couple of years, Beebe says the number of people wanting a flu shot has gone down. And not just in Minnesota.

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“They don’t really know why nationally they are going down,” Beebe said.

Even with fewer people vaccinated, this flu season has been lackluster. So far, just 92 people have been hospitalized in Minnesota because of influenza.

The milder flu season could be because this year’s vaccine is a good match for the current strain. Or it could be weather-related. Whatever the case, it’s welcome after we saw one of worst outbreaks in recent memory last season. More than 4,300 Minnesotans were hospitalized and 10 children died from influenza.

Which is why Beebe is still recommending that you get a shot. The flu season can run from October through, May so it’s possible we haven’t hit our peak.

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“You still get a flu shot. There have been years where the flu doesn’t peak until March. So we still could have a bad flu season,” Beebe said.

John Lauritsen