MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — From a complaint filed against Ferguson, Missouri to what matters most in relationships, here are the four stories to know for Thursday, Feb. 11.

Officer Shot During Fargo Standoff Not Expected To Survive

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A Fargo, North Dakota police officer shot during a standoff is not expected to survive.

Officer Jason Moszner was responding to a domestic violence situation — when he was shot by a suspect barricaded inside a home.

Police say the suspect is still inside the home, but they do not know if he is still alive.

Some nearby homes were also evacuated.

Civil Suit Against Ferguson

The U.S. Justice Department has sued the city of Ferguson, Missouri after the city rejected an agreement to reform its police and courts.

It’s been 18 months since a Ferguson police officer shot and killed Michael Brown, setting off violent protests.

The DOJ put together the agreement after it found widespread racial discrimination in Ferguson.

Fun Vs. Money In Relationships

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When it comes to falling in love, which is more important — fun or money? It depends where the relationship is at.

A new poll sponsored by Discover shows that 40 percent says fun and entertainment is their top requirement at the start of the relationship.

About a third said they need a physical spark, and just 19 percent said financial stability was most important.

However, when a relationship gets more serious, 59 percent said finances matter and that jumps up to 82 percent for couples planning a trip down the aisle.

Also, apparently making your relationship “Netflix official” is a thing.

The company says 51 percent of its users felt like sharing an account with a partner was a big step toward a serious relationship.

Most also said they would wait until the relationships was exlcusive before sharing an account.

Democratic Debate

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders go heads up for another debate before voters hit the polls.

The Democratic caucus in Nevada and the primary in South Carolina feature large numbers of minority voters — who have supported Clinton in the past.

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The candidates face off at 8 p.m. Thursday on both CNN and PBS.