MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Something new at a Twin Cities hospital: A photo project showing us that even through life’s toughest times, happy moments exist.

Monday night was Gallery Night at Masonic Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis.

The photos are part of an 11-month project where chronically ill patients and their families were given photo training, then handed a camera to document their journey.

One family we spoke with said it was a nice diversion through the tough times to have something assigned to do other than focus on the negative.

“As horrible as it was, there was a lot of good things that came out of that horrible time,” parent Jill Dahmen said. “We found a lot of strength that we didn’t know that we had.”

Jill and Kurt Dahmen visited Minneapolis from Jordan twice a week over the past 11 months. They are very happy to report 8-year-old Griffin is showing no evidence of his Ewing’s Sarcoma, as they’re past one month since his last Chemo.

Masonic Children’s Hospital says research has found creative art therapy does promote better outcomes.