MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Hennepin County Attorney’s Office announced no charges will be filed against two police officers involved in the Jamar Clark’s shooting death. It’s a case that has the whole nation talking.

People from Minnesota and around the country are reacting to the decision across social media platforms. The reactions varied from support for Hennepin County and Mike Freeman to outrage at the decision.

Many were outraged by the decision and took to Twitter:

Others voiced their support of Freeman on Twitter and Facebook:

Natalie Seim The videos they showed, especially the last video was very telling. The evidence of DNA on the gun and holster is quite complelling. People need to look at the evidence. It’s there.
Lisa McDowell: Very clear in the findings…sadly I still think there will be backlash from BLM…I believe the officers involved should get an apology ftom BLM due to BLM stating and demanding they be arrested

Many others focused on the what this means for Minneapolis and our judicial system.