MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — We’re getting a whole new look at dogs in the Twin Cities today. A local pup has become a go pro wearing canine photographer.

Tula, a 4-year-old, gets shots from her perspective of her friends at the dog park. Molly Rosenblatt spent the day with Tula and her owners and shows us how it all began.

This 4-year-old rescue loves nothing more than playing with her canine companions at the dog park.

“She just has a very sweet demeanor, very loving dog, snuggles up. Very well behaved thankfully,” Ken Kixmoeller said.

Ken’s daughter, Susie, loves getting shots of the dog park action. She even started an Instagram handle for Tula, called Canine Happy Hour. And there’s something very different about it from other dog social media pages.

Susie started Canine Happy Hour back in January. After trying to get shots of Tula playing with her friends on her own she decided to try a new approach.

“It really wasn’t working because when I got close to the dogs and they were playing, they’d just stop playing and pay attention to me,” Susie Kixmoeller said.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

So Susie decided to put Tula in control. With a GoPro mounted to her harness, she catches her playmates in action from her point of view.

“I really like capturing what the dogs would be like if humans weren’t there and capturing true interactions,” Susie said.

The camera takes two pictures every second. After a typical dog park visit, they end up with about 7,000 photos. Susie goes through and picks the best ones. It’s a process that often ends up with a lot of laughs.

“There’s pictures of dogs in the air with no feet on the ground. They look like little ballerinas and dogs like mid-jump that are really, really cute,” Susie said.

It turns out, she’s not the only one. Canine Happy Hour has taken off.

“One of the articles that was published on Facebook got 2,000 shares on facebook, so the response has been really amazing,” Susie said.

You can see the shots by following Canine Happy Hour on both Instagram and Facebook.