MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A St. Paul man is facing felony charges for threatening an attorney over the phone while in police custody last Thursday.

Zacariah Daniel Wilson, 38, is charged with making threats of violence with the intent to terrorize, driving under the influence of alcohol and driving while impaired.

According to the criminal complaint, officers first found Wilson in a West St. Paul parking lot on Thursday night, just before midnight. They were responding to reports of an intoxicated individual and found Wilson slumped over in his car, with music blaring and keys in the ignition.

After performing field sobriety tests and discovering vodka in the vehicle’s trunk, officers took Wilson into custody and transported him the West St. Paul Police Department, where he told officers he wished to speak to an attorney. According to the criminal complaint, Wilson made expletive-laden threats to one attorney over the phone which was recorded, including the following:

“I could get a tracker on your vehicle. I could get a tracker anywhere. I could track your vehicle anyway. I am just letting you know, bro. With all this technology, I could track you Holmes, and we could fist it up, anywhere, anytime.”

Wilson also made specific, physical threats to the attorney and mentioned gang names. According to the criminal complaint, the attorney decided not to take Wilson’s case.

After the call, police say Wilson agreed to provide a breath sample, which registered an blood-alcohol content (BAC) level of 0.18.

If convicted on all charges, Wilson could face up to seven years in prison.