MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minnesota Timberwolves assistant coach Ryan Saunders says he still goes through the routines that he and his dad went through during the season.

Ryan, the son of the late Flip Saunders, joined WCCO Radio Friday for his first extended public conversation about his father, whom he says was his best friend.

“We did everything together,” Saunders told Chad and Sid Hartman. “Went to lunch, went to dinner. One our favorite things was to go to movies on the road, I still keep up a lot of those traditions.”

Flip Saunders died in October after battling lymphoma. Ryan gave the only eulogy at his funeral.

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He says his dad is with him all the time.

“He’s visited me in my dreams a couple times, and he’s had some great advice for me. I’ll keep that to myself,” he said.

Ryan Saunders says after the Wolves beat Golden State in overtime this past week, he could feel his dad’s presence. Especially, he says, when he went over and hugged Michigan State basketball coach Tom Izzo — a close friend of Flip’s who was at the game.