MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – An Eden Prairie company is helping a New Jersey woman honor the memory of her sister with a unique urn.

According to PRNewswire, Stacey Parrinello is paying tribute to her late sister Mel Burrow’s with a custom-made White Castle urn made by Foreverence, a company that creates custom urns using 3-D printing.

According to PRNewswire, Burrows was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in 2015.

When Parrinello would visit Burrows during her chemotherapy treatments, the two would sneak out and get White Castle. They would say “Let’s treat ourselves.”

“It might seem a bit silly to some people, but White Castle provided a sense of normalcy during Mel’s treatments. And that was a true gift, because those days were difficult for all of us,” Parrinello said in the article.

White Castle is also honoring both Burrows and Parrinello by inducting them into the Hall of Fame for 2016.