By Mike Max

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — While the fishing opener really means the walleye opener, fishing guide Steve Carney suggests there is another way to extract fun — wet a line in search of crappie.

“I’ve been on scores of lakes over the last two weeks. All the crappies are 6 to 11 feet of water,” he said. “So when you go in shallow and there not there, scoot out into that 6 or 8 feet of water and look for emerging weeds, look for muddy bottoms. They’re out there. They’re not in yet.”

The theory also has to do with quantity — if you have a chance to catch more fish, more kids have fun.

“If you want to take some kids out, there’s nothing better. They want action, and with the way the crappies are biting right now, instead of waiting for one bite every 25 minutes on walleye, put them on bobbers,” he said. “I rarely anchor. And what I mean by that is I go out and try to find these fish first, then I will sit on top of them. But you’ve got to find them first.”

And Carney says finding the right spots for crappie isn’t hard.

“Crappies like sun. They like wind and sun,” he said. “They’ll feed heavily.”

So when you launch on Saturday, remember to bring some extra gear, because catching any fish is the most fun.

“This weekend, as far as walleye is concerned, if you’re a crappie guy, this is the time to be crappie fishing,” Carney said. “They’re peaking, like, right now.”

Mike Max