LAKE ELMO, Minn. (WCCO) — Science classes have come a long way in the last decade.

Technology has made it possible for students to do some very creative things.

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For instance, students in the Stillwater School District are using 3D printers to make all kinds of things designed on a computer. They’re even making musical instruments, including a violin.

Jennah Slayton, a junior at Stillwater High School, created a plastic violin to conduct an experiment on sound waves in her physics class.

“It has a potential to be a way for more students who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford a violin to get a student starter violin,” she said.

The violin parts were made one at a time inside a lab at nearby Oak-Land Junior High School in Lake Elmo.

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Slayton chose the design online, monitored the printing, and then assembled it.

Instructor Matt Howe explained how the process works.

“The filament goes through a head as it is heated,” he said. “It comes out of a very fine point and is laid out in layers.”

The students say it cost about $40 to buy the materials to make the plastic violin using the 3D printer.

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By comparison, a wooden violin would cost about $3,500.