By Heather Brown

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO)Every Friday, we take a look at some of the Good Questions we didn’t get to during the week. This week, Heather Brown learns about mattress tags, summer storm sirens, and lakes.

Rachelle from Shakopee asks: Why is illegal to remove the tag from a mattress?
The federal law has been on the books for a century. Minnesota Matress Factory says it’s to protect the consumer, so you know you were getting a new mattress.

With summer storms around, many wonder: What is the criteria for the outdoor warning sirens to go off?
The metro counties follow the same guidelines. For a tornado warning, winds must be forecast at 70 miles per hour. If a weather spotter sees something like a funnel cloud, the warning is issued as well.

In the land of 11,842 official lakes, Evan from Plymouth asks: What is a lake?
The DNR says it’s not determined by size or depth as you might think. They consider it a body of water that’s generally deep enough to have a windswept shore

But back in 1968 when the DNR classified Minnesota’s lakes, the definition was 10 acres and visible from aircraft.

Heather Brown