By Pat Kessler

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — People close to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump say his campaign is in chaos.

However, Trump insists everything is OK and still on track.

Hillary Clinton now has a 10-point lead among registered voters in a Fox News national poll. Other national polls show Trump is also losing support from voters in swing states.

In Minnesota, Republican leaders are uneasy with Trump as the GOP candidate.

This unease comes after Trump had a days-long public fight with the parents of a Muslim soldier who was killed in Iraq. The Republican nominee also accepted the gift of a Purple Heart from a supporter, then joked about it.

Additionally, he said he’s not ready to support House Speaker Paul Ryan.

A spokesman for retiring 3rd District Republican Rep. John Kline said that the congressman “intends to support the GOP nominee but obviously doesn’t agree with everything Mr. Trump or any candidate, for that matter, says along the campaign trail.”

But 2nd District Congressman Erik Paulsen, in a possible swing district, is a lot more cautious.

“Trump has to earn Erik’s vote,” a spokesperson for his office said. “So far, he hasn’t done it.”

Rep. Tom Emmer of the 6th District has not only endorsed Trump, he’s been very public in his support.

Announcing Minnesota’s delegates at the Republican convention a couple of weeks ago, he called Trump “the next President of the United States.”

Next month, Trump makes first appearance in Minnesota since announcing his White House run. He will hold a fundraiser on Aug. 19.

Back on Super Tuesday, Trump came in a distant third in the Minnesota caucuses behind Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.

Tickets for his fundraiser range from $1,000 to $100,000.

Hillary Clinton, Trump’s Democratic opponent, was just here last month.

Pat Kessler