MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO)— Many Minnesotans don’t drive north for their escape to cabin country. Instead, they make a run for the border — the Wisconsin border. Jason DeRusha and Kim Johnson are two hours northeast of the Cities in Rice Lake Wisconsin!

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Lehman’s Super Club

Jason and Kim have had a great couple days in Rice Lake; perfect weather, great people and lots to see and do. When you’re in Rice Lake, come to Lehman’s Supper Club. They do music on the lawn Wednesdays and Sundays, but they added a performance just for WCCO on Friday! Matt and Ali got a parade, Jason and Kim get a concert! Lehman’s is exactly what you’re looking for in a Wisconsin supper club. A great menu of steak and seafood, and a cocktail lounge that serves up good drinks. Lehman’s is a fourth-generation family business. Butch and Trudy Lehman own it now, and have plenty of help from other family members.

Muskie Fishing On Rice Lake

The state fish of Wisconsin is the musky. It’s sometimes known as “the 10,000-cast fish” because it’s difficult to catch. Kim and Jason didn’t have that kind of time. They went out for about an hour to learn the ins and outs, and try to land one. Thanks to Jason at Tracker Boats in Rice Lake for taking us out!

Casa Mexicana In Rice Lake

Frank Vascellaro is always looking for a good Mexican restaurant when he visit towns for Goin’ to the Lake. And Kim and Jason found a great one in Rice Like, called Casa Mexicana. It’s another family-owned business serving up authentic Mexican fare. Our crew ate there and recommends the enchiladas!

Lake Skipping On Rice Lake

Jason and Kim had a bit of an adventure on the water Friday … well, it was supposed to be on the water, but it ended up more in the water! A family emailed us and said we needed to try their Lake Skipper. We had never heard of one, so of course we said yes! The AquaSkipper is sold by a company in Washington, and they go for about $500.

Right now, the website says they’re sold out. But you can always just jump off the dock and get the same experience as us!

Jason Surprises A Viewer!

On Friday, Jason received an invite to a special garage sale.

Ruth Rothstein’s daughter Amanda heard that WCCO was going to be in town. So, she reached out to Jason and asked him to stop by her mom’s garage sale. Every year Rothstein hosts the sale to raise money for Alzheimer’s research. This is her ninth year!

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