MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Authorities in northern Wisconsin say that officers arrested five people this earlier week in two meth busts.

The arrests were made Monday following the execution of two search warrants, according to the Sawyer County Sheriff’s Office.

The first home searched was in Radisson, Wisconsin, the home of 35-year-old Domminic Haugen. He was arrested on felony bail jumping and suspicion of dealing meth, the sheriff’s office said. He is also suspected of being involved in crimes related to weapons charges.

Also arrested at his home were 53-year-old William Koch, who was on bond, and 23-year-old Theodore Brown, who had violated his probation.

The second home searched was in Exeland, Wisconsin, belonging to 24-year-old Christine Breault. Officers found several packages of meth in her home, as well as meth paraphernalia. She was arrested for violating her probation, suspected meth delivery and child neglect charges.

Also arrested was Terry Meyers, 35, who was seen leaving the home.