MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – As the Minnesota community continues to process what happened to Jacob Wetterling nearly three decades ago, expect to see the number 11 on jerseys and lapels throughout the state.

On Wednesday, the Jacob Wetterling Resource Center said on Facebook that it’s honoring Jacob’s memory through the number 11, which was Jacob’s jersey number.

The center says it came up with the idea after talking with Jacob’s mother, Patty Wetterling. Not only does the number honor Jacob and his love of sports, it also stands for 11 traits people are encouraged to be conscious of in promoting a culture of compassion and kindness.

The traits are: being kind, fair, understanding, honest, thankful, a good sport, a good friend, joyful, generous, gentle, and positive.

In its Facebook post, the center prompted people to share images of themselves living the traits with the hashtags #JacobsHopeLives and #11forJacob.

On Tuesday, a longtime person of interest in the Wetterling case admitted to abducting, assaulting and killing Jacob in 1989.

Danny Heinrich, 53, led investigators to Jacob’s remains. He appeared in court as part of a child porn case plea deal, in which he is expected to get
20 years in prison.

Jacob was 11 when he was killed.

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