Luvafoodie Hot Chocolatetini

1 Luvafoodie Milk Chocolate on a Stick or any flavor
6 oz. Milk
3 oz. of Chocolate Cake Vodka
3 oz. of Crème De Cacao
2 oz. of Kahlua

Chocolate Rim: Optional
Milk Chocolate Luvafoodie Minnesota Shape Chocolate

1. Remove plastic from 1 Luvafoodie Chocolate Milk Belgian Minnesota shape put in microwave dish.
2. Microwave for 1 minute, and rim glasses with melted chocolate.


1. Prepare Hot Chocolate on a stick as directions indicate on package, set aside.
2. In a martini shaker add: Vodka, Crème De Cacao, Kahlua and ½ cup of ice.
3. Shake for a minute.
4. Add Hot Chocolate mixture to shaker, shake for another minute.
5. Pour into two martini glasses.

Optional: Rim Martini glasses with melted chocolate.

Perfect Dessert Martini for 2!


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